Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Kenworth T800 Grain Truck + Other 3D Updates

Just a quick update tonight on some project progress.  I painted another Kenworth T800 grain truck.  This time I decided on a red box with white cab.  All of my straight trucks are tandem axle with a third tag at the rear, but I do have plans to make other configurations.  The possibilities are endless, as it just requires a simple tweak to the design file.

I am getting a nice fleet of trucks finally, as my time has been a little more focused on finishing some of the models that I have had printed.

Here is my 48' and 53' MAC aluminum trailers with mudflaps, DOT striping, and taillights.

A somewhat recent addition to my collection is a tarped version of my 43' Wilson grain trailer.  Here is the first model getting closer to completion.


  1. Wow. You've gotten really good at this. The trucks look amazing. Great job painting.

  2. I need 1 3d model for animation. you can sell a model?

    1. you need a printed model? or the design? send me an email with specifics.