Saturday, May 18, 2013

For Pete's Sake

It's been a few weeks since I have had anything to share related to my 3d printing project.  I was able to complete a couple new designs, and am in the process of painting and finishing some models that I have on the work bench.  Shapeways has been a great service, and I like the quality of work that they do.  However, they have recently become more fussy with their order review/approval process, and I have seen a few orders get rejected as a result.  Usually a couple minor tweaks to the drawing is all that is required to satisfy their approval process.  What is frustrating is that I will get a successful print or more, and then have subsequent orders get rejected.  It's all part of the growing pains, and I am learning to draw my models and create my files to avoid this inconsistency from Shapeways.  Their online forum has a lot of chatter regarding this issue, so I am not alone.

For those of you that have ordered my designs, I want to first say thank you for supporting this endeavor.  Secondly, please send me feedback and photos of your finished models.  I would enjoy posting some photos here on my blog.

Ok, so back to the updates.  I have a Peterbilt tractor frame now, which fits my existing cab.  I have plans for different sleeper sizes for this as well, but just need time to design them.  For now I have a nice day cab for local hauling.  The frame is stretched, since I like the look, however, I have a shorter frame as well for construction jobs.  I am a fan of straight pipes, so you will likely see few mufflers on my models.  Here is a completed tractor on the front of my Wilson grain trailer.

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