Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins - Almost Ready to Print

I made some more progress on my Dodge Ram.  It still needs some clearance lights and maybe a couple more details, but it is getting very close to print ready.  My Silverado should ship to me today.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

3d Printed 28' Pup Trailer - I Got It Right This Time

I posted several months ago the initial results of my 28' pup trailer design to go with my Mack Vision and Trainworx 28' pup trailers.  I was a bit short on the overall height, and while I fixed it soon after, I didn't get around to ordering another print until recently.  After soaking overnight in Bestine, I took several photos of the result.  I haven't ordered anything from Shapeways in awhile, as I have been idle in N scale overall, and I already have enough unfinished 3d printed stuff to fill an ice cream bucket.  I was very pleased with the quality of this last batch of models.  I would imagine that like many companies, the quality of product continues to get better, or they just hire more people in their customer service departments to handle complaints and returns.  I am convinced that perhaps the quality of FUD (frosted ultra detail) is getting better?  Anyone else out there wish to comment?

Anyway, it is hard to photograph white objects without getting too much exposure, but I think these shots give enough detail to illustrate the quality of the sides.  There is a very minor texture on the sides, but keep in mind I haven't touched these with any sandpaper or tools.  The horizontal rib is crisp and the detail on the back door is very nice.

I designed this model much like the Trainworx version where the top "box" is one piece, and the frame is separate.  You will notice a slight bow in the frame which is not an issue, as the top has a shoulder where the frame can rest and get glued to form a solid and square trailer.  I made the model walls as thin as possible to reduce the overall cost of the print.

If you want to order your own, they are now available on Shapeways

Saturday, December 13, 2014

How About a Dodge Ram 2500/Cummins?

I have a pair of my Chevy Silverados on order through Shapeways, and hope to have them in about a week.  Meanwhile, I thought I would stay with the pickup theme and try a Dodge Ram 2500.  I have the cab done, and just need to work on the box now.  Here are some Shapeways renderings of the cab.  Like my Siverado, this is also the latest model from Dodge.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Chevy Silverado Duramax is Ready to Print

Tonight I added the finishing touches to my Silverado.  It looks a lot better with mirrors and tires.  Up to this point, I have designed my trucks with one-piece wheel/tire components, which tend to pose a challenge during painting.  Maintaining a nice crisp line between the chrome rim and the black tire is hard even with a fairly steady hand and fine paint brush.  On this model I decided to try something new.  The truck body and the wheels are all a single part, with only the tires being printed separately.  My hope is that after paint, the tires will then slip over the wheels, leaving a nice clean look.  The inside diameter of the tire is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the wheel to allow for thickness of paint.  You can see what the printed result will look like in the last 2 photos.  A solid body and 4 loose tires.  I opted to not print 4 separate wheels AND 4 separate tires, simply to avoid that many small parts.

I will probably stop here and order a sample, although a receiver hitch and step bars would be 2 obvious additions.  I will likely design a toolbox as an extra detail too.  Oh, and maybe a lift kit and super swampers?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Next 3D Truck Project? How About a New 2015 Silverado Duramax

I have recently stated that I am getting the itch to start designing some more 3D models.  And just to prove that I indeed have something cooking, I thought I would share what's currently brewing.  These are actual renderings from Shapeways, so other than a few minor details (mirrors, door handles, etc.), and some tires, I am very close to having a 2015 Silverado Duramax ready to print.  The front cab posts are a bit chunky, but hey, this is N Scale.  I decided to go with an open cab rather than fill in the windows.  I personally don't like having to paint windows and make them look realistic.  That said, I am also too lazy to design an interior, so like it or not, this is where I will stop.  I've got too many other design ideas to spend too much time of any one model.

Anyway, here is proof that I am finally getting back into my design routine.  And why a Silverado?  Why not?  Where else can you get a sweet looking crewcab like this in N scale?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

N Scale Addict Truck Designs - Your Photos Shared

I sincerely appreciate the number of fellow N scale enthusiasts that have purchased my 3D designs either directly from Shapeways, or from my Ebay page.  I imagine the number of items is in the several hundreds by now.  I wanted to share some photos that I received from a couple individuals, as this gives me almost as much satisfaction as completing a model myself.

Keep sharing your photos and I'll keep posting them here.  Thank you to those of you that took advantage of the black Friday and cyber Monday incentives from Shapeways recently.  I know how pricey these things are, but having a model that never existed is sometimes worth a premium.