Monday, December 8, 2014

Chevy Silverado Duramax is Ready to Print

Tonight I added the finishing touches to my Silverado.  It looks a lot better with mirrors and tires.  Up to this point, I have designed my trucks with one-piece wheel/tire components, which tend to pose a challenge during painting.  Maintaining a nice crisp line between the chrome rim and the black tire is hard even with a fairly steady hand and fine paint brush.  On this model I decided to try something new.  The truck body and the wheels are all a single part, with only the tires being printed separately.  My hope is that after paint, the tires will then slip over the wheels, leaving a nice clean look.  The inside diameter of the tire is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the wheel to allow for thickness of paint.  You can see what the printed result will look like in the last 2 photos.  A solid body and 4 loose tires.  I opted to not print 4 separate wheels AND 4 separate tires, simply to avoid that many small parts.

I will probably stop here and order a sample, although a receiver hitch and step bars would be 2 obvious additions.  I will likely design a toolbox as an extra detail too.  Oh, and maybe a lift kit and super swampers?


  1. John that's a great idea to print the tires separate from the rims for painting purposes! Good thinking!

  2. I agree Allen. I've nearly gone blind trying to paint tyres correctly on all of my N Scale trucks and construction equipment. Great idea.

  3. Would like to see some high rail versions of the HD trucks

    And also agree to comments on tires and rims

  4. Would also hope some amazing fifth wheel trailers will follow the HD truck designs I would also like to see some F350 dually and and non dual crew cabs for MOW