Saturday, December 13, 2014

How About a Dodge Ram 2500/Cummins?

I have a pair of my Chevy Silverados on order through Shapeways, and hope to have them in about a week.  Meanwhile, I thought I would stay with the pickup theme and try a Dodge Ram 2500.  I have the cab done, and just need to work on the box now.  Here are some Shapeways renderings of the cab.  Like my Siverado, this is also the latest model from Dodge.


  1. Now with these pick ups. Ideas of goose neck horse and bump trailers and flat bed trailers come to mind. If you do make these vehicles available I will go broke haha Thank you for filling the void in this hobby with your models

  2. Really looking forward to these and the silverados. So far, your stuff seems like some of the best modern out there on shapeways for N.