Saturday, February 2, 2013

GTE 2013 - Day 1

So I guess that having a portable layout has its pros and cons.  A pro is that I can arrive at the train show the morning of, roll in the Marias Pass, plug it in, set up a train, and be running in a very short time.  A con is that by the time I arrive, everyone else has set up the night before, and even though I have a reserved space on the floor, I wind up getting squeezed out, and finally set up next to the electrical closet, in the corner of the arena.  I guess it wasn't all bad in that I was next to a few other layouts, had a fairly quite corner, isolated from the crowd, but still accessible to spectators.  I had a nice day and talked to some really nice train enthusiasts.

This will likely be the last show that I personally display the Marias Pass, so I am glad I made the effort to haul it over.  The weather was cold but dry, and the Mid America Center is still a great venue for a train show.