Monday, August 20, 2012

60' Micro Trains Centerbeam Lumber Load Expansion

After a hot summer and many non-train related activities taking up most of my time, I have begun to slowly get back into allocating some energy into N scale.  Recently I partnered with Wig Wag to offer my lumber loads on their website and in their store.  That has motivated me to expand my product line in the 60' version for the Micro Trains centerbeam flatcar.  While I only have photos of about a dozen different lumber load versions in the 60' length so far, I am now producing every brand of lumber and gypsum load currently available in the 73' version.

I have done my research, and can't find another N scale version of a modern wrapped lumber load suitable for these Micro Trains centerbeam flatcars.  Obviously the 73' cars are more common in our modern era, however, there is no shortage of Micro Trains 60' centerbeams out there, so a lumber load is much needed.

Look for more photos from me of these new 60' lumber load versions.  In the meantime, here are the newest additions:  Interfor Pacific, Millstead, Roseburg, Sea Sno, Simpson, Swanson Group, and Tembec.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sep/Oct 2012 N Scale Railroading is Here!

The Sep/Oct 2012 issue of N Scale Railroading arrived recently.  I can't believe it is the 12th year of this magazine already.  It feels like yesterday when I started collecting issues, although it has been over a decade now.  Anyway, the Marias Pass series is about half way through.  I cover backdrop and scenery in this particular article.  If you have been following along, it is beginning to get interesting and fun.  I enjoy all of the other steps leading up to scenery, but this is when the model railroad begins to come to life.

Thanks for all of the emails and feedback regarding my N scale Marias Pass, and my blog in general.  I mostly enjoy this hobby solo, and the internet has made it possible to share my projects with others.  Feel free to reach out and ask questions or drop a note to say hi.

I have taken a short break from model railroading lately, mostly due to the heat and all the other things that require attention like career, family, etc.  I am really hoping to get back into it soon.  I have too many projects waiting for me, and I need to keep making some progress.   And then there's the next layout project...  too many ideas, and not enough time....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lumber Loads Now Available @ Wig-Wag-Trains!

Has it really been over a month since my last blog post?  I guess the hot and dry weather has made any form of N scale activity undesirable.  We are seeing some lower 80's recently, and we actually got some of that wet stuff that falls from the sky a few days ago after a long 2 month shut out.  You should see more posting activity from me soon hopefully.

If you haven't seen the announcement yet, my lumber & gypsum loads are now listed at  They are listed under the brand "Leader Loads".  So the next time you place an order with them, throw in some lumber or gypsum loads in either the 73' or 60' version.  Of course you can always buy them direct from me, and I try to keep some inventory on Ebay at all times too.

I haven't expanded my 73' load offering in a while, however, I am now making every version in the 60' length for Micro Trains centerbeam flatcars.  I don't know of any other source for a drop in modern lumber load for the MT cars.