Monday, September 26, 2011

Photos from the Orin Line Archive

I thought I would share some more photos that I have of my Orin Line model railroad.  These are doing nobody any good sitting on my hard drive.

Most of these photos were either not submitted for print, or didn't make it into the magazine article.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Marias Pass Model Railroad Project in N Scale

For those of you who subscribe to N Scale Railroading, or picked up the Sep/Oct 2011 issue, you may have noticed the Nov/Dec 2011 preview at the end of the magazine.  My N Scale Marias Pass model railroad is set to debut a project series in just a few weeks.  I've kept this project under wraps for over a year, and am excited to finally share it with others. 

More Boxcar Weathering

I completed 3 more boxcars and have a few more in progress.  I've been trying different techniques to see what results I can achieve.  It's been fun so far, and my car collection is slowly evolving into a more realistic fleet.

This KCS received a fade coat, grime/rust mix on the lower half of the car with an airbrush, handpainted roof using burnt umber, graffiti decals, and reflector stripes.  The trucks were given a grime/rust mix with an airbrush.

The WC was given a generous fade, hand painted roof with burnt umber, and I used a make up sponge to add burnt umber on the sides of the car.

The CPAA was given a fade coat, burnt umber on the roof, burnt umber to the sides, and graffiti.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Rolling Stock Weathering

I completed two more boxcars recently and have a couple more that are almost finished.

This BNSF car received a heavy fade coat with an airbrush, hand painted roof, and spots of burnt umber acrylic on the corners of the doors and ends of car.  This car already had reflector stripes.  

This CSX car was given a fade coat, followed by a drybrushing of burnt umber on the sides and ends, as well as the roof.  I added a coat of rust/grimy black with my airbrush along the lower half of the car.  I added FVM medal wheel sets.  The prototype I found close to this photo had not yet received reflector stripes as of early 2011, so I am calling this one finished.  This one may have been overdone.  A little weathering goes along way.  Also a finished car looks very different up close through the lens of a camera versus a few feet away on a layout.

I have several more pieces of rolling stock that I plan to weather over the next few weeks.  Once I am finished with these I plan to move to covered hoppers.