Monday, July 21, 2014

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

For those of you that have been scanning the obituary lately looking for "N Scale Addict", I apologize for the lack of communication in the past several weeks.  Summer has gotten in the way, and I guess you could call it somewhat of a "detox" from n scale.  While I have a passion for the scale, even I find that an extended break from time to time provides a fresh start to the intense projects that I seem to find myself undertaking.  I have many other activities that demand my time, and other interests (addictions) that steer my focus, time, and energy.

Anyway, recently, the n scale addiction has begun to creep up on me again, and I find myself at least thinking about the highs that I get when I'm drawing in Sketchup, putting a coat of paint on a new model, or designing a new layout.  It almost makes me want to snort some lightweight rock casting hydrocal, or smoke some woodlands scenics static grass.  Kidding of course.

The only updates I can provide tonight are that my Pete 389 and Kenworth K100 are available for sale on Shapeways.  I have been meaning to finish a model myself and take pictures, but obviously that hasn't happened yet.  So if you feel the urge to add a new truck model to your fleet, please don't let me stand in your way.  I also made my Fontaine drop deck and East dump trailer available as well.