Friday, March 16, 2012

Seeking a New Owner for the BNSF Marias Pass

The time has come for me to seek a new owner for the N scale BNSF Marias Pass model railroad.  Like my previous layouts, I am interested in starting a new project, and as a result I need to find a suitable home for this completed project.  I have many photos and videos of the Marias Pass here on my blog and on YouTube, and will be posting more in the future.  And of course my project article series in N Scale Railroading magazine began in late 2011, which illustrates the evolution of the model railroad from a pile of lumber into a portable N scale empire.

While a picture can say a thousand words, it's also necessary to describe some of the specs of the layout in order to get a full understanding and appreciation for what is being offered here.  This is a chance to own a complete, ready to run, museum quality model railroad.  If you are interested in acquiring the N Scale BNSF Marias Pass, please email me at  Serious inquiries only please.  This layout is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Here are a few of the import features:

The bench work is built from quality birch plywood which results in a very sturdy platform for trains and scenery.  The frame is wrapped in a seamless fascia, providing a very professional appearance.  This layout was built with portability in mind and features folding legs, and a self-contained DCC system, wiring, 110 volt outlets, and extension cord.  This is literally a plug and play model railroad.

The overall dimensions are: length = 10', width = 40" tunnel end, 44" double track end, height = 24" bottom of frame to top of backdrop, 52" track level

The track plan is a single loop with a long passing siding and small yard.  Please refer to the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of N Scale Railroading for a track plan.  Track is Atlas and Micro Engineering code 55.

The operating system is an MRC Prodigy 2 wireless digital command control.  A Digitrax DS44 stationary decoder operates 4 Tortoise slow-motion switch machines.

This layout design is simple yet very effective in capturing the Rocky Mountain landscape near Glacier National Park.  There are over 1400 trees on this layout, many of which were hand trimmed, flocked, and painted to vary color and improve appearance.  Every aspect of this model railroad from the design to construction of the bench work to final details is all original and hand crafted.


  1. This layout looks great, but the first thing I looked at is where it is located. It would have to be either picked up or shipped, and a quick look doesn't show where I would have to drive to get it.

  2. I live in St Louis - not that far away. Do you have a sense of the portability in terms of moving the layout down a flight of stairs without damaging it = not sure how the scenery will do if tilted at a 45 degree angle. Also, the workmanship and materials costs are no insubstantial so how many thousands of dollars would you be asking?

  3. I see the original posts were in March - no doubt long gone by now.

    1. Yep, the layout is spoken for. Thanks for your interest.

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