Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GHQ Forklift Project is Progressing

I have made some progress on my half dozen GHQ forklift kits.  Although I painted them all yellow, I plan to make variations within the set so they aren't all the same.  I am seeing a lot of typical forklifts with a yellow body, black roll cage, black mast and forks, and different color rims.  I decided to do white rims on the first.

The kit comes with a seat, steering column, and operator all molded as one piece.  I don't mind having the static operator in a couple of the forklifts, but would also like at least a couple of them to have an empty seat so I can simply "park" them in an appropriate location next to a building for example.  I think I can make a seat easy enough, by using some styrene, painting it black, and fixing it to the body where the original seat would go.  However, I don't know what I could use for a steering column and steering wheel?

This one still needs an operator added.  I'll probably weather these a bit once they are done to give them a used appearance.  The yellow is UP Armor, the mast and roll cage are flat black, the tires are grimy black, and the rims are reefer white.


  1. They look really good. Well done, looking forward to seeing them weathered.

  2. Nice! The UP yellow is perfect. I'm thinking a beacon and front flood lights, maybe some hydrolic hoses and a propane tank. Also, I worked at a couple of railyards here in sunny So Cal and sometimes we used cardboard zip tied to the top of the cage to block the sun.
    Looking good though!


    1. Thanks for the comments and the ideas. These kits have been fun to build, but very small. Of course that is what you get when you model N right?

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  4. All your hard work is much appreciated. Nobody can stop to admire you. Lots of appreciation.