Sunday, December 14, 2014

3d Printed 28' Pup Trailer - I Got It Right This Time

I posted several months ago the initial results of my 28' pup trailer design to go with my Mack Vision and Trainworx 28' pup trailers.  I was a bit short on the overall height, and while I fixed it soon after, I didn't get around to ordering another print until recently.  After soaking overnight in Bestine, I took several photos of the result.  I haven't ordered anything from Shapeways in awhile, as I have been idle in N scale overall, and I already have enough unfinished 3d printed stuff to fill an ice cream bucket.  I was very pleased with the quality of this last batch of models.  I would imagine that like many companies, the quality of product continues to get better, or they just hire more people in their customer service departments to handle complaints and returns.  I am convinced that perhaps the quality of FUD (frosted ultra detail) is getting better?  Anyone else out there wish to comment?

Anyway, it is hard to photograph white objects without getting too much exposure, but I think these shots give enough detail to illustrate the quality of the sides.  There is a very minor texture on the sides, but keep in mind I haven't touched these with any sandpaper or tools.  The horizontal rib is crisp and the detail on the back door is very nice.

I designed this model much like the Trainworx version where the top "box" is one piece, and the frame is separate.  You will notice a slight bow in the frame which is not an issue, as the top has a shoulder where the frame can rest and get glued to form a solid and square trailer.  I made the model walls as thin as possible to reduce the overall cost of the print.

If you want to order your own, they are now available on Shapeways


  1. John, whadya think about making a roll up door add on for Micro Trains or Atlas trailers to replace the hinged ones that come on both???