Friday, May 10, 2013

My Kenworth T800's Arrived from Shapeways

Not too much to update lately, but I did get an order from UPS last night.  This time a pair of Kenworth T800's, and my 379 Pete in a tractor version.  I had a little time to clean up one of the T800 cabs and apply a coat of primer.  I thought I would share how the shell turned out.

I also have another 379 Pete grain truck near complete, this time in black paint.  Still needs the grill and a few other details.

I keep spreading my limited time across designing new models, and finishing the items I have on my work bench.  I have a couple new models that I want to get printed, and then I will probably shift focus completely on getting my backlog of things painted and detailed.

My Shapeways shop is pretty much updated with models that I am offering for sale.  The Pete tractor and Kenworth T800 should be available soon now that I have an actual print to validate.  I also have the MAC aluminum trailer in a 53' version being printed right now.  Once I get that, I should be able to make both the 48' and the 53' available.

A couple models in the design queue are a Mack 613 Rawhide tractor with sleeper, sleepers for both my Pete and Kenworth cabs, a drop deck trailer, and hopefully that livestock trailer I started weeks ago.  Lots of other ideas in my head, just not enough time to do all of them now.


  1. Hey while you're painting your trailers can I send mine to you and you can paint them at the same time? Seriously!

    1. hey Frank, I barely have time to finish my own models. Maybe if I get caught up I can think about doing some models for others. Not enough time in the day to get all of my projects done.

  2. Another Northwest staple is the Woodchip trailer. They go great for sawmills.