Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hour 25 - Making Progress on My N Scale Trucks

Once in a while, I take advantage of that extra hour in the day (hour 25) and get some modeling done.  With work, family, and farming taking up my time lately, it is hard to find time to complete any N scale projects.  I have managed to piece-meal some minutes together, and actually have a decent fleet of equipment to date.

On a somewhat related note, the Marias Pass has sold and will be on its way to its new owner in just a couple of days.  I will write more about that later, but this means that I can now dedicate my garage space to the new Council Bluffs Sub, and begin focusing on that project.  I will need a lot of trucks to support the various industries I have planned, so I am excited to get started.

So while it seems that I have been modeling in slow motion the last several months, the number of models that I have designed and printed is growing nicely.  I thought I would put several of them into a photo tonight.   This doesn't represent everything, but it does include most of the designs to date, and models in various stages of completion.  Keep watching my Shapeways store for more models in the future.

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