Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wait There's More... 3D Models

I made a fairly easy modification to my 48' MAC flatbed trailer, and made a 53' model as well.  Both models are based on the actual MAC design, which features both lengths, as well as others.  Both have spread axles, and slight differences in the tail end.  I already have 6 of these in various stages of completion, and plan to get more.  They are easy to paint, and the arched deck gives it a great modern look.  Of course now I need to start thinking about the endless possibilities of loads for these things.  My future plans are to make a drop deck, and perhaps a couple different brands of flatbed trailers as time permits.

Here is a comparison of the 48' and 53' MAC all aluminum flatbed trailer.  I am working on mudflaps and DOT striping, and hope to have some completely finished models soon.


  1. you should design some addon headache racks for the tractors so the contents of those flatbeds won't end up in the passenger seat.

    1. headache racks and grill guards are on the short list, once I have some time.