Thursday, December 15, 2011

Union Pacific ex-SP Patch Units on Marias Pass

ok, so it's probably not likely to see a pair of ex-SP patch units on Marias Pass, but I have a decent sized collection of both BNSF and UP equipment, so decided to pose this pair for a photo on the mountain.  Other than the concrete ties, this could probably resemble a Tennessee Pass or other location on the Union Pacific system.  I really like how these turned out.  I have expanded my weathering techniques and feel like I am beginning to have the ability to dictate the results as opposed to "hoping for the best" when I first started.  I used a combination of airbrushing and drybrushing acrylics on both of these.  The updated yellow stripe on #9647 is really sharp and brings the loco up to current standards.  From what I can tell, #9647 is still in active duty wearing the original SP paint and patch, while 9651 has long been repainted into UP colors.


  1. Very nice. I just got an SD70M with straight radiators in SP. Patch decals will go on sometime soon and then weathering. How did you do the rust on the lead unit?

  2. The rust was actually fairly simple. I used a micro brush and acrylic paints in the cheap $1 bottles you can get at craft stores. Using a blotting motion, I applied a toffee color around the border, burnt sienna over that, and burnt umber over that.