Friday, December 30, 2011

Model Railroading Tools - Air Compressor

So Dr. Pepper has been advertising their 10 calorie "man drink" heavily lately which I think is a waste of marketing dollars.  We all know that men are measured by many other more relevant things like the size and quantity of our tools.  That being said, I recently upgraded the gauges on my air compressor to make it more model railroad friendly for my airbrush.  One of the original gauges was broken so I plumbed 2 new larger gauges.  My compressor has a 30 gallon tank, 4 1/2 horsepower motor, and a built in regulator for air pressure adjustment which is necessary for controlling pressure for things such as painting with an airbursh.  I don't have a water trap, but haven't had any issues since I paint with acrylics almost exclusively.  I also have a smaller compressor with a 2 gallon tank that I use for a nail gun, and some painting, but prefer to use the 30 gallon tank since the air will last a long time.  I also added a quick attach coupler on the main air supply so I can easily go between my airbrush and my airhose for general use like filling tires and blowing out my lawn irrigation system. 


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