Friday, December 9, 2011

More Photos of my First N Scale Model Railroad

I have thousands of photos of my model railroad projects and will continue to post more here as I have time.  My first model railroad taught me a lot about various aspects of the hobby, from bench work, to laying track, to scenery, to operating rollingstock.  Probably the most important thing I have learned is that completing a project is really satisfying.  This project really was the spring board that started my model railroad building binge.  I look back at this project now and find a lot of flaws (compared to my standards today) but what I learned was invaluable.  Thanks for looking, and enjoy.

I used a plywood cookie cutter style sub roadbed for the track, and then a combination of insulation foam and cardboard mesh covered with plaster cloth and sculptamold.  Other than my Orin Line which was built on a solid sheet of plywood, all of my model railroads have used this method.  I like to lay my track and cork roadbed on plywood since it creates a nice solid surface. 

The scenery is very plain, but the track plan was fun to operate, and would make a nice mountain layout since it has a slight grade and opportunities for tunnels and hidden track.  It would also be possible to incorporate some hidden staging on a lower level if desired.


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