Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RTTX Flatcar - Weathering Challenge

My latest weathering challenge, besides the 86' boxcars that I have been doing, has been a new BLMA flatcar.  I posted a few weeks back about these after I had just received a set of 6, and they are very fine models.  Of course, it doesn't take long after studying the prototype that these cars are well used, grimed, and rusted.  I have been working on a single car the past several days, and finally put the finishing touches on it tonight.  This was a difficult car to weather since it has a lot of detail.  An airbrush simply can't get into corners and around detail, without putting too much paint on the higher surfaces, so instead, I tried oils and a paint brush.  It took a few layers of oils to reach the amount of grime I was seeking.  I then used a q-tip to take off any excess where appropriate.  This car has taken me several partial working sessions, but I think the effort paid off.  The last bit of oil applied tonight is still a bit wet, but I snapped a few photos anyway.  I'll apply a light dullcoat in the next couple of days, and this flatcar will be ready for service.  I have several 28' pup trailers that are waiting for a weathering application as well, and once complete, will make a fine load for this flatcar.

Overall, with the amount of effort that this has taken, I am glad I only have 6 to complete, especially when you add the effort needed to add weathered trailers.  I may look at other methods to dirty up highly detailed cars such as this.  I do have a few sets of BLMA spine cars as well, and also looking for an effective means to weathering those.  I would be interested to hear from anyone that has some suggestions or examples for these types of rollingstock.

Thank you BLMA for adding yet another fine N scale model to my addiction, I mean collection.


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