Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keeping It Real - Prototype Train Chasing

I am an Nscale addict, and have been for many years.  Something that helps me cope with my condition is chasing some 1:1 trains once in awhile in my local area.  It helps remind me what my 1:160 models are actually suppose to represent.  One area I like to go in particular is just north of Omaha in Fremont, NE.  There is a lot of Union Pacific action on the transcon double mainline, coming and going both to Omaha and Blair.  Recently my train chasing has been an opportunity to study specific prototype cars for my weathering projects, and capture some of my own photos for my rollingstock archive.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Not a great photo as I barely had time to get my camera out to capture this guy.  I wish I had been set up better, and it was moving at a pretty good clip, so getting out in front of it in a different location wasn't realistic that day.

The OMAX (Omaha Public Power) unit trains are a common sight in Omaha.  Here is an eastbound load.

This is the first unit tank train I've ever seen, which was quite a sight.

I have a few tank cars in my collection that I have been earmarking for weathering victims.  I'm not sure when I will get around to that project, but I have lots of good reference material when that time comes.

I shot a few photos of these wrapped lumber stacks since I've been designing and making my own N scale versions.

Of course I was happy to see some "big ugly's" come rolling by since these boxcars have been a favorite weathering project of mine recently.

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  1. Tank unit train is an ethanol train. The hopper car up front is a buffer car, it's there to "protect" the crew and locomotives in the event of an accident. However with millions of tons of ethanol trailing, it's hard to imagine the hopper doing much other than melting in the inferno!!