Friday, April 26, 2013

48' MAC Trailer, Kenworth T800, Peterbilt 379 Tractor, and More

I continue to find bits of time to design more N scale models for printing, and attempt to keep up with the actual painting and finishing of the models that I have ordered.  I have resisted the creation of mudflaps and DOT stripes for a few of my models, but know that step is inevitable, and I will bite that bullet soon.  Meanwhile, my MAC 48' trailers are in fresh paint, and thought I would share a couple recent photos.  These are now available on Shapeways.

I just recently completed a Kenworth T800 truck body design, and submitted my first order just a couple days ago.   This model will be very similar to my first Pete 379, and will fit my 22' aluminum grain box.  That said, I also ordered a new revised Pete 379 tractor that I finished recently, which is still a day cab, but with a 5th wheel for trailers.  My Kenworth T800 will soon have a tractor version as well.

I have opened up a couple of my models for ordering for those interested.  Please check them out.


  1. John,

    Very nice job on these grain trailers. Being in California, I had not been aware of such trailers before you started posting about them. I just finished a cross country drive and saw lots of trailers like these in Iowa and Nebraska.


  2. Any plans on doing sleeper cab versions of both trucks? I would also love to see a long wheelbase t800 tractor with a tag axle.

  3. Are these all from Shapeways? If not are you the one designing and printing these?