Thursday, April 4, 2013

379 Peterbilt Grain Truck - Under Construction

Time, Time, Time.  If only I had more of it, I could make more progress on the projects I have started.  I know I shared photos of my 379 Pete already, but tonight I test fitted the wheels on the axles and dropped a grain box on to see how it looked.  I am impressed with how the hole inside the wheels fit snug over the axle without any additional drilling or filing.  The 3d printed parts simply press fit together like a precise kit.  Of course I designed it this way so I should expect that right?   If you look close, the cab and frame parts need a little more cleaning to get rid of some rough surface, but it will soon be ready for paint.  I ordered some felt polishing bobs for my dremel to see if that would be a good tool for getting a polished surface.  I am open to other ideas if anyone cares to share.

I am anxious to get this model finished, so I can share some final photos here on my blog.  I am thinking some nice tall straight pipes should make this one look mean.  What do you think?

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