Friday, April 19, 2013

3D Printing - New Model: Tarped Grain Trailer

I just received a new package from Shapeways today.  I ordered a second pair of bottom dump trailers, and a new model, which is a tarped version of my 43' Wilson grain trailer.  It is soaking in Bestine now, and I can give you a better picture of the raw model after tomorrow.  For now, here is the model right out of the little blue plastic bag.  I eliminated some of the interior slopes from the open top version, and added a hole in each hopper to allow the supportive wax to escape, and also reduce the overall material used in making this model.  I am making these available on Shapeways now, since I have a physical model to validate my design.  I will post more photos on Shapeways of the finished model once I get that far.


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  2. Howdy! Great looking trucks. I'm wondering if you are still using Sketchup as your 3D modeller?

    1. yes, I use the free version of Sketchup for all of my drawing. I am sure there are better programs out there, but this works for me.