Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Fleet of "Big Ugly's" - Trainworx and Bluford 86' Boxes

Like any addict, once I latch on to something new, I can't get enough.  I recently acquired 5 more "Big Ugly's", and have 1 more on the way.  You might be wondering why I am loading up on Union Pacific and related rolling stock.  The truth is, I like BNSF equipment, but my next layout will most likely be a location on the UP.  My plan is to thin my BNSF collection, but keep enough interesting pieces for run through only.

Anyway, I have what seems to be about 50 weathering projects on my work bench right now, and I feel like I am overdosing on N scale rolling stock lately.  All of my 86' selections have been Trainworx boxes so far, but I added a Bluford Shops model to the mix for comparison.  I really like both models, and plan to use a decent mix of both going forward.  I added some photos tonight since I haven't posted anything recently.

Here is a UP 86' box that has been faded and sealed with dullcoat.  It just needs trucks and it will be ready for service.  I set it in front of a couple new out-of-the-box models for comparison.  Even a very subtle fade makes a huge difference.

I think I am about finished with this Big Ugly.  I added some graffiti, and a few more rust spots on the body. Overall I like the results, and it will look great in a string of 86's with varying levels of weathering.

Here are the 5 new Big Ugly's, waiting for their weathering treatment.  The Canadian box is the Bluford Shops model.  Looks pretty "eh"?

I really like the coupler box on the Bluford Shops version, but it droops pretty bad.  I think I am going to remedy this by gluing the coupler box to the underside of the car.

The coupler pocket is made for tight radius curves, and allows for additional lateral movement.  However, this results in a drooping coupler.

If you are wondering about a body mounted coupler on an 86' boxcar, you are not alone, as I was concerned that it wouldn't handle curves well at all.  However, I am quite surprised.  Here is an 86' box with a body mounted coupler, connected to a 50' boxcar.  It doesn't seem to be pushed to the limit at all.

Here is what the Big Ugly looks like on a 15" radius curve.  There is a fair amount of overhang, but it operates well.

Another close up of the couplers on a 15" curve.  The coupler has much more room to move before it is prone to derailment.

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  1. The SP car looks sweet. Thanks for all the info on weathering. I hope to start that soon.