Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SP "Big Ugly" Weathering Project - Revisited

I started weathering a Southern Pacific 86' boxcar, and got as far as the fade coat several weeks ago.  At the time I was experimenting with different colored or "tinted" fade mixtures.  This particular car got a white fade followed by a raw sienna tinted mixture.  It turned out quite yellow, but I wasn't concerned as I wasn't finished with layering other weathering on top.  A few days ago I revisited this car in order to finish it and put it into service on the layout.  I added a layer of burnt umber oil thinned with a bit of mineral spirits applied with a brush to the entire car.  I then wiped most of it off with a q-tip.  This left the car with a nice stain, as well as some build up in the details, especially around the doors.  I then added burnt sienna and umber to the roof in a couple different applications until I had the effect I was working towards.  Lastly, I used a fine brush to add rust patches and scratches on the side of the car.  I am not finished yet, but getting very close.  I still need to add reflector stripes, and perhaps a little graffiti.  

I have 2 of these SP version Trainworx cars, and was quite surprised when I did a side by side comparison of the out-of-the-box model and my weathered version.

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  1. Love the comparison shot. It's amazing how much of a change in the color can be achieved without significantly affecting the lettering. Great job!