Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grain Trailers - 2 More Versions

The great part about grain trailers, and trucks in general, is that there are many different variations, even within the same brand.  Once I had my 43' Wilson grain trailer design, it wasn't too difficult to modify it to create other models.  My 43' design represents a 66" side wall, tandem axle, which is fairly common in the Midwest.  By stretching the design, I was able to create a 50' trailer with a 72" side wall.  Then, by making a tweak to the suspension, I was able to create a spread axle version and tri-axle version.  These are fairly common as well, for hauling different commodities, and optimizing weight distribution, while meeting differing state DOT regs.

There just aren't a lot of straight trucks around anymore, as farms get bigger, and crop yields continue to grow.  Also, aluminum trailers greatly out number steel trailers mainly due to the extra weight of steel.

I am currently working on tarped versions of all three of these trailers, so I should have a good mix of models to choose from for my fleet.  This project kinda feels like lumber load deja vu.  

Here are all 3 versions: the 43' which is painted, and the other 50' spread axle and tri-axle, cleaned and ready for primer.

Here are some reference photos of Wilson grain trailers.  Another nice twist to this model is that it comes in 3 different skin colors: white, black, and titanium.  Then there is the choice of color for the tarp.  And of course it can come with aluminum rims, or a cheaper steel rim option.  Oh the options are endless....


  1. Where did you go to get them maid I would be very interested in getting some for my layout

  2. I used a company called Shapeways. I uploaded my CAD file, and they printed and shipped me the raw models. I have plans to offer these in the future for those interested.