Sunday, March 17, 2013

22' Grain Box - 3D Printed Model

Although tractor trailers out number straight trucks for hauling grain now days, I still wanted a fleet of straight trucks to mix with my grain trailers.  Grain boxes have evolved over the years from wooden boxes with stock racks, to steel sided boxes, and most recently aluminum boxes.  My model represents a 22' aluminum box that would typically be found on a stretched frame semi tractor or similar style of straight truck, with a tandem rear axle, and many times extra lift axles to haul more bushels.  Much like my grain trailers, these boxes have tarp bows, and a simulated rolled tarp.  The design includes frame rails and cross members, and a 3 section rear gate.  I have plans to put a box on several different readily available trucks, and I am anxious to see how they turn out.  The GHQ 359 Peterbilt daycab and Freightliner cabover, the Athearn R model Mack, the Altas Ford 9000 could easily be candidates for a grain box, with a stretched frame and additional axles.  I had a dozen of these printed so far, and am pleased with the results.  The two pictured below have been painted with Polly S flat aluminum.  They still need tarp crank handles, and paint detail.  

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