Sunday, January 29, 2012

And Then There Were Twelve... Lumber Loads

I had a successful appearance at the Great Train Expo this weekend, and made it home with only a couple bent trees and a few scuffs on the fascia which can be easy painted.  The Marias Pass operated flawlessly for 13 hours with no derailments.  On day two, I ran 5 units on the front, and a pair of helpers on the rear of a 30 car train.  It was quite a site.

Anyway, I promised more pictures of lumber loads, so I shot a few tonight.  I have a total of twelve different brands of wrappers and have plans for several more.  What am I going to do with all of these lumber loads?  Well, I plan to use a few for myself, and I started offering some for bid on ebay.  From what started out as a hunt for a nice lumber load for a couple of my centerbeam flatcars has quickly spiraled out of control.  Isn't that how most addictions work? 

Here are the latest: Millstead, Roseburg, Sea-Sno, Riley Creek, Simpson, Tembec

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  1. Thanks for coming to the show. My son and I enjoyed your layout. We are in the process of building an L shape layout in a spare room, and saw a lot of good ideas from your layout.