Monday, February 9, 2015

20' Container Chassis Revisit

It sure feels good to start finishing some truck and trailer models again.  Of course I quickly get too many going at once and am overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to properly finish just a single model.  I recently bought a pair of my 20' container chassis, as I never actually had one to display here on my blog or on my Shapeways shop.  It's a very nice model, and fits a 20' container perfectly.  I designed the axles as a separate component so that they could be assembled in the extended position as you see below, or the collapsed position when not carrying a container.  I think 20' containers are unique and have a dozen or so for my future layout, and these chassis will make a nice addition to a container yard or highway scene.  Here is my original post about the chassis design.

I took the opportunity to also photograph one of my Kenworth K100's with mirrors and railings applied.

The container chassis are available in my Shapeways Shop

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