Monday, February 2, 2015

Shapeways Package Arrived Today! Pete 386, Kenworth T2000, and Pickup Trucks

Today I received a Shapeways package that contained a few new models.  I soaked them for about an hour in Bestine and then had to get some primer going.  I sure like grey primer better than white.  It is so much easier to see in photos.

A few observations about this Shapeways order:  I am very impressed with the quality of the prints.  The items had very little waxy residue right out of the package, and cleaned up in a hurry.  I spent very little time with a sanding stick on the items I shot with primer tonight.  As intended, my updated wheel sprue configuration was printed flat, and the results are obvious.  This particular sprue includes mirrors for the T2000, which turned out perfect.  The T2000 cab is very well done, and requires some slight sanding prior to primer.  I know there are still a lot of skeptics out there about 3d printing for N scale.  I've had my share of disappointments in the last 2 years using Shapeways as a print service, however, if these truck models can't get you excited, then keep using those generic boxes on wheels that the other guys make.  Ok, I digress....

I use Rustoleum primer in a can, and the items below have 2 generous coats.  I find that this helps hide any textures that I missed with a sanding stick.  After primer, I light sand the needed areas, and then paint with the final color.  Two or three coats of color are usually sufficient.

I am satisfied with the way these models turned out, so I am going to make them available via Shapeways soon.  One thing I didn't photograph here are the tires for the trucks.  They turned out perfect, and are all attached to a sprue.  Once painted, they may need a bit of honing to remove paint from inside the tire, and then they will slide over the rims to leave a nice crisp separation between rim and tire.

As always, I'll keep updating my progress as I get these things painted.  I have a 53' reefer on order now that should arrive in another week.


  1. Looking great John - Can't wait for my trailers to arrive either!


  2. I just received the pickup trucks and they turned out great. The tires slip perfectly over the rims which will make painting a snap. Thanks for sharing all your efforts!