Monday, January 13, 2014

More of the Same - The Parcel Service Mack is Ready for Prime Time

Well, after many weeks of distractions (work, family, holidays, and more family).... I am picking up the pace of my n scale addiction again.  Although that pace is very slow at the moment.  I got some more custom decals from a fellow N scaler, and finished my pair of Mack Vision tractors.  Of course I could still add mud flaps, tail lights, and probably some other details, but I have decided to move on and call them "good enough" at this point.  That also means that these are available on my Shapeways shop for purchase.

I am surprised at how many hours can be spent on a small N scale truck.  Now that I have completed a decent number of models, I am more efficient with my techniques, and try to work on a small batch of models at the same time to save time.  However, I still clock at least a few hours for each model by the time I clean and prep the 3d print, prime the model, add mirrors, paint a base coat, brush on details, hand paint wheels and tires, and add final decals and details and clear coat.  And what is really frustrating is getting near completion only to make a mistake and waste those precious hours.

One thing I have learned about this tiny scale we call "N" is that it is difficult to replicate perfect results when hand painting a model, creating a custom model, or anything that requires good eyesight and steady hands.  However, it is still very satisfying to design and finish a model that has never existed before in our scale.  That is what keeps me motivated and inspired.

Anyway, here are a few more photos of the pair of Mack Vision tractors.  I added an Overnight trailer for some extra variety.

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  1. Outstanding as always!
    I have a bunch of trucks and a few flatbed trailers awaiting paint after a good soak.

    Thanks to you (motivation), I have my own part in the making at Shapeways. My part is so small, that in order to justify shipping expense, I feel the need to order some trucks or some trailers with every test print. LOL.