Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Latest Truck Models - Cornhusker 800 Dump Box & Pup Trailer

A very common truck/trailer configuration that I see locally, as well as just about every other place in this country are dump trucks often pulling a pup trailer.  Not far from me in Lincoln, NE is the Truck Equipment Service Company that makes "Cornhusker 800" trailers.  I chose their model for my N scale design since I see these daily any time I am on the road.  The design work was much less effort than my previous models, so I decided to create a couple different versions.  Of course it was also extremely helpful to have an existing base truck model to work with, as I simply reduced the frame length, moved the lift axle to the front of the tandems, and added a hitch plate to the rear for the pup trailer ball hitch.  I just placed an order for these last night, so I will provide some details once Shapeways sends me the printed models.

You can see these new models in my shop now, but they are not yet for sale:

First up is the Cornhusker pup trailer.  This has a 14' aluminum dump box in two versions: side boards on the top rails, or a flush design without side boards.  The frame comes in two versions as well: a triple axle, and a spread axle.  The tongue and hitch are designed to fit the hitch plate on the Kenworth dump truck below.

I chose to use my Kenworth T800 for my first dump truck, but plan to make a Pete too.  The Cornhusker box is 16' in length, and also comes in two versions like the pup: side boards, and a flush top rail.  The frame has been modified with a hitch plate to accept the pup trailer.  The lift axle have been moved in front of the tandems, and will have single tires versus duals as on my original straight truck version.  Many dump trucks and pup trailers have roll tarps, but many do not.  I chose to exclude a simulated tarp on this model.

I'll throw this model in at no extra charge.  I made some quick design modifications to my Kenworth T800 and now have a daycab tractor.  This gives me both the Pete and Kenworth in a tractor version.

Here is where my inspiration comes from for my N scale Cornhusker box and pup.  The great part about dump trucks in general is that the configurations are almost limitless. As I continue to add more truck models to my design collection, I can simply design the frame to accept my dump box, add the pup, and have a whole new model.  Of course the that doesn't even take into consideration the different designs of dump boxes that are available too, which make the number of possibilities even more great.

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