Thursday, August 11, 2016

3D Printing - Far from Finished

What a difference a couple years makes in this hobby.  When I designed my first truck for 3d printing, there was a huge void in realistic trucks in N scale.  I look around now and we have a lot to choose from, and more on the way.

I had ordered some models a few months ago in the new "extreme detail" by Shapeways, and never got around to finishing them.  I haven't shared anything for several months, so thought I would shoot some photos and post them tonight.

Here is my triple axle Wilson cattle trailer.  Yes, I agree that the Trainworx Merritt trailer is awesome, but mine is bigger....

You can never have enough of a great model.  I need a packing plant to serve with this many trailers.

Here is the reefer project I started, finished, and then became bored with.  Trainworx has a beautiful model of their own coming soon, but this version has horizontal ribs.  I might try to complete a couple of these, but the painting is where man versus machine is so apparent.

 A couple short extendable container chassis.  I just need to get some paint on these guys.

Here is my complete East 39' Dump Trailer.  The front axle is raised in case it looks a bit funny in the picture.  This will be a good model for a construction scene or hauling aggregate to a cement plant.

A couple new trucks in the paint shop.  My 379 Pete had a flat top roof, where this 389 has the taller cab roof for either a day cab version or with the Unibilt sleeper.  This is also the same cab/sleeper combo that I used on my custom version 389 which is on the triple axle cattle trailer above.  The lime green rig will have one of my bull bumpers applied for livestock service and the red will be a daycab.


  1. John your models look good as always!
    Nice to see you're back at it again.
    Still need to talk to you sometime about those bass boats we chatted about awhile back.

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  3. As always, the trucks look great!

    How's the layout planning coming along?

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  5. I would really like to get the stl files for these that possible?


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