Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some Progress on My Kenworth T2000 and Fontaine Drop Deck Trailer

I thought I would share some progress I am making on a couple of models.  First, the Fontaine drop deck trailer is not new, but I never got around to finishing one for myself.  This trailer model is the Fontaine Infinity which has a steel frame.  I decided to paint the frame red to make it pop a bit.  The trailer still needs a few details including DOT stripes, and maybe some toolboxes between the spread axles.  Also note that this model has the appropriately sized lo-pro tires, just like the real one.  I am already starting to think of dozens of load types to put on this thing.

My Kenworth T2000 is a new model, and this is the first of my truck designs with included mirror details.  The mirrors come printed on a sprue which includes the wheels and tires.  They have a small post on the end of the mirror bracket which fits into a hole on the side of the cab, which is also designed and printed into the model.  I am surprised how much difference a small detail like this adds to the overall truck model.  You will also notice how much cleaner the wheels and tires are in both printed detail and paint.  Re-configuring the wheels in a square pattern versus in a long straight line seems to have influenced how Shapeways is printing these parts.  So far, my wheels are getting printed flat, and very clean.  This is now producing some fantastic results.

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