Saturday, March 7, 2015

Peterbilt 386 Out of the Paint Shop & My Growing Class 8 Fleet

My first Peterbilt 386 is fresh out of the paint shop.  I decided to go yellow on this truck.  The exhaust stacks are brass wire and aluminum tubing for the mufflers.  The mirrors are brass wire for the brackets and styrene for the mirrors.  The steps and fuel tanks were wrapped with aluminum HVAC tape.  Overall I am pleased with how this model turned out.  The newer front axle design makes assembly so much easier.  Instead of trimming the axle and eyeballing each wheel for proper location, now I simply twist the wheel on until it bottoms out against the larger diameter shoulder.  The custom made mirrors were also easy to apply with the #80 holes already printed into the cab.  With these enhancements, I hope to be able to cut down on my time to finish a model, and increase the overall quality of the final product.

While it seems that I have finished only a small number of models, I am beginning to accumulate a sizable fleet.  I now have a decent collection of class 8 trucks, with more planned.  I hope to have a 389 to add to the fleet soon.  Stay tuned.

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