Friday, September 20, 2013

Mack CH613 Tractor - Arizona Style

My good friend Bob actually beat me to the first finished Mack CH613 tractor model, so I asked him to share some photos of his work.  I have also received some photos from others that have purchased my models and finished them.  I will share those in the future when I have more time to organize those files.  My goal is to create an album of 3d models, both my own, and models that others are willing to share.  So thank you to those that have sent photos, and anyone else willing to share photos, please do so.

Bob does great work, and I hope to feature more of his finished models in the future.  Here is his Mack CH613 with a headache rack.  He used window tinting for the cab glass.  I think it looks great.

Here is my first Mack CH613 dump truck that I already shared in an earlier post:

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