Sunday, August 18, 2013

No More Headaches

Just a quick update on a new model I designed recently.  I now have a headache rack that will fit any of my truck models.  I used a Merritt brand as my reference, and overall it was a fairly easy project.  These simply set right on top of the frame, behind the cab, and are secured with a drop of CA.  I am guessing these would also work for other N scale models made by other manufacturers.

I also have a grill guard for my Pete's that turned out very well.  I hope to have a finished model to show soon.  Up next is a sleeper for my day cab trucks, but not until I get some of my unfinished inventory taken care of.  I have about 20 various truck models that need paint, assembly, and details.  It is near impossible to balance new model design, maintenance of existing files and models, and getting around to finishing my own personal truck collection.  Oh, and throw in a new layout project on top of that.  I have been spending some time on the layout design lately, and hope to begin making some progress there.


  1. The 379's look great.I wish I had your talents,but the Petes need dual fuel tanks. They also need some sleeper options. 36" 48" 72" are the normal sizes.


    1. Thanks Nick. Like I stated in my post, the sleepers are on the top of my list.