Monday, February 7, 2011

Aspen Trees?

I am in need of Aspen trees for my current model railroad (among several other types of conifers).  I haven't found any commercially available, so I am attempting to make my own.  I bought some floral material at Hobby Lobby, spray painted the leaves yellow, then hand painted the trunk and branches white and dabbed on charcoal to make the bark.  I'd like to know if anyone else knows of a techique to make a good aspen tree in N scale.  I would appreciate any feedback or comments.


  1. Beautiful work. And what luck, my girlfriends 2nd job is Hobby Lobby!

  2. Hi,
    These trees look amazing!!
    I am looking to make some n scale cherry blossoms and these look like a good starting point. I've a few questions though:
    are they just the dried flower? if so, how do they hold up over time?
    did you do anything to strengthen them or to help hold their shape?

    I am in AUS, so the hobby lobby is out of the question :(