Sunday, January 11, 2015

N Scale Addict 3d Models - Time to Reflect

I was doing some end of year organization the other day, and was looking at my total sales of 3d printed models through my Shapeways shop.  First, it is hard to believe that is going on 2 years since I designed my first model, which happen to be a simple grain box for a straight truck, followed by my Wilson grain trailer, which really started it all for me.

Since April of 2013, I have sold ~700 models through Shapeways.  Keep in mind that I offer some of these models as a 2 pack, which only get counted once at Shapeways.  I have also sold a lot of models through ebay, so I am guessing my count is north of 1000 so far.

Shapeways doesn't give me details as to who ordered my designs, but does share the country destination.  While the majority are going to homes here in the states, I was quite surprised to see the following countries on the list too:  United States, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Austria, Canada, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom,

I never quite know the overall impact of a project like this when I decide to venture into something new, but 1000 models does give me affirmation that while 3d printing has its shortcomings, the types of vehicles that I am designing are interesting to many in the hobby, and will likely continue for years to come.

The funny thing is that this all started due to a personal need for truck models.  I never really intended to make this a business, and don't really consider it a business even now.  However, the service that Shapeways provides just happen to solve a personal N scale issue, and allow me to make these models available to others without much extra work.

I appreciate everyone that has purchased my models, shared photos of their own finished models, provided feedback and comments, as well as gripes about some of the undesirable characteristics of 3d printed models.

My goal for 2015 is to continue to design new models that are interesting and needed by the N scale community.  I also plan to catch up on my own finishing, as I still have a handful of models where I don't have a painted version to share.  Oh, and I would like to start a layout if I can get around to it.

Here is a peak at some of the models that I would like to tackle this year:

Kenworth T660

Kenworth T2000

Peterbilt 385

Peterbilt 386

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  1. What a blessing shapeways is. The nature of the printing means there is some sanding. I don't think you can hold it against them.