Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You Know You Are an Addict When....

I have thoroughly enjoyed my entry into the world of 3d printing, and the idea of creating N scale models that do not exist certainly is a motivating factor.  Of course with the huge void of N scale vehicles, and very little competition, it leaves the space wide open for possibilities.

While Shapeways seems to be the only shop in town for what I am doing with 3d printing, I certainly hope that other services will become available in the near future, or that technology will evolve to allow small designers like myself an opportunity to own a high-res printer.

That said, I have kept UPS busy shipping me boxes over the past months, and while most of these go to ebay, I have managed to finish a few myself.  Just to show you how insane I am, here is a recent collection of models, soaked in Bestine and ready for buyers.  Anyone need a Kenworth 900?  I have 20 now, and 10 more to soak.  Anyway, it's funny how addictions lead to more addictions.  Where will it end?

On a different note, I have several new models that are either printed and waiting for me to finish an initial version, or waiting to be printed and shipped to me.  I hope to illustrate these in the near future.  So far, I have only provided the 3d renderings of the models I have been working on.

Lastly, I have seen a few requests for a cabover tractor, so decided with a Kenworth K100 for the first (mid 80's version).  I am thinking about a Pete 352 next (70's version).  I guess that new layout project just keeps getting sidelined...


  1. Nice K100, Would love to see an Aerodyne model done as well.

  2. Another Cabover that was popular in the 70s was the International Transtar II

  3. Those are SWEET!!!
    Planning any cars, pickups???
    GIANT void in 1970's & 80's vehicles! ;)

    Who are you on eBay - and do you sell at least SOME in Buy-it-now format??