Monday, December 9, 2013

Going Overboard with 3d Printing Addiction

I can't believe that Christmas is just a couple weeks away.  Shapeways was having a great sale over the black Friday weekend, and I went crazy, like any addict would.  I think I spent over $1000 on 3d models, taking advantage of their special.  I'm only planning to save a few pieces for myself, and the rest is for Ebay.  If you haven't found me yet on Ebay, go check it out HERE.

The advantage of buying on Ebay is that all of my models are already soaked in Bestine solvent and ready for final prepping, primer, paint, and details.  I don't know how long I will buy models for resale, as it takes time to list them, package, and mail, which could be time spent on my hobby.  In addition, printing is expensive and ties up a lot of my personal capital that I have for hobby purchases.  However, as long as there seems to be a demand, I'll probably always have at least some selection available.  I never really intended for this project to get this wild, but since I am having success with my designs, I want to continue to promote my creations through multiple channels.

A couple noteworthy updates to share:  I received one of many packages today from Shapeways which contained a pair of my recently designed Kenworth W900 tractor.  They are soaking now, and I hope to get started on that model soon.  My recent designs include the Mack Vision tractor with sleeper, the Mack Vision parcel service tractor, and the KW 900 tractor.  All prints were great, and required no design changes.

Here is a quick peek at my parcel service UPS tractors.  Keep in mind that the color may not appear correctly due to the lighting and your computer screen.  I used Testers brown, which seems like a very good match for UPS brown.  I still have a lot of work to do, but progress is good.  The mirrors are bent wire and styrene.  I am dreading the silver stripe on the wheel rims.  I may have backed myself in a corner on that one.

Here's a shot of just a portion of my black Friday spending spree.  I have a bag full of cleaned models waiting to be packaged individually, and another order of stuff soaking.  As always, my designs are available at

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