Monday, July 29, 2013

Got Mack?

My Mack CH613 dump trucks and Cornhusker pups arrived the other day, and I have a complete pair in primer now.  This Mack is a new truck model for me, and already one of my favorites.  A tractor version of this truck is already on Shapeways, and I am looking to order a test model very soon.  The only difference in the cab is that I added air horns to the tractor.  This detail I omitted on the dump truck version.  I also have a sleeper version that is still in design.

The hitch plate on my dump trucks matches up nicely to the tongue on the pup trailer.  It's only a simulated 5" ball hitch, but it is none the less an operating hitch on my N scale model.  The pup trailer shown here is the spread axle version, and I also have a triple axle version in the set.

I am most pleased with the printed "MACK" in the grill.  These white primered models don't photograph the best, but I was anxious to share them.  Soon they will be ready for a construction site after I get them painted.


  1. Hi

    the dump trailers I got from shapeway are both triple axles. is there another set?

    1. My pup trailer on Shapeways comes as a set of two, and one of each of the spread axle and triple axle. If you got two triple axle frames, then they goofed. The 3D rendering on their website comes directly from the file I loaded, and I have also ordered a few myself and received one of each frame type. Shapeways should fix the issue if you notify them. They have been great to work with.

  2. HI

    How do you paint the wheels on your trucks? Is the primer a satin(blossom white)?


    Chuck T

    1. Chuck, I use a flat white primer from Rustoleum in a rattle can, nothing special. As for the wheels, I paint the rims of the duals with a silver/metallic paint, then paint grimy black on the tires, and then run a silver Sharpie around the edge of the rim to true it up. On the singles, I use a very steady hand. I am however tweaking my design slightly to make the rim protrude a but more to make it easier to get a crisp line between tire and rim. I wish it were easier.