Saturday, October 27, 2012

CSX & NS Big Ugly's Completed

A couple other weathering projects that I had started awhile ago and just now completed are two 86' boxcars made by Trainworx.  These are both the 8 door version, in both CSX and NS.

I scaled back the weathering on these compared to the other 86 footers that I completed earlier.

The NS version got a fade coat using the raw umber tinted mix.  This toned down the white areas on the body, and gave it a slight yellowish look.  If you recall my attempts at weathering a Southern Pacific 86' boxcar, the brown and red factory paint requires some tinting with other colors to the white fade coat to achieve the appropriate color.

The CSX version received a fade coat using just the transparent white.  I then followed with burnt sienna and burnt umber oils on the body and roof.  I used a stripe pattern on the roof based on some prototype photos I have seen.  This adds some nice variety to the rust patterns on my entire fleet of boxes.

Here is a shot of all 3 big ugly's that I finished lately.

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