Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photo Gallery is Growing... 1600+ images

I have been busy the last couple days moving copies of hundreds of images to my online Picasa photo albums.  I upgraded my Canon Rebel DSLR about a year ago, and the first DSLR had taken about 10,000 photos.  While it is the "family camera", I am guessing a majority of those photos were railroad related.  My new DSLR has well over 2000 photos including about a hundred videos already.

Many of these photos have already been featured within my blog postings, but many have not.  Many are simply duplicates of the same object, just taken at different angles or exposure.

I hope you enjoy viewing my gallery and maybe something will inspire you to start a project of your own.  Stay tuned for lots more photos, both of existing and future work.

The N Scale Addict 

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