Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kenworth T2000 - I'm on a roll

Here's my Kenworth T2000 nearly ready to print.  After creating the rendering in Shapeways I found a couple more details that I would like to add before printing.

I am also going to add the mirror assemblies as a printed detail with this truck due to the particular style that makes is suitable to print.  I plan to add the mirrors to the sprue that holds the wheels.  The arm or bracket on the mirror will have a pin on the end that will fit into a matching hole in the cab door.  While I have been using a small drill bit to make holes for mirrors on these trucks, I am going to start adding the hole to my designs so they are printed that way.  I am actually surprised how small of a hole can be printed in a Shapeways model.  Of course they may have to be cleaned out with a piece of wire or drill bit, but at least the location of the hole will be perfect every print.  These are the types of enhancements I keep thinking about as I design more trucks.

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