Tuesday, November 12, 2013

3D Printed Kinze 1050 Sof-Tred Grain Cart - My First N Scale Farm Implement

Inspired by this year's harvest, I decided to design a grain cart to roll beside my Wilson grain trailers.  The Kinze 1050 bushel carts are quite common, so I used it as my prototype.  It should also make a nice load once I get a drop deck trailer designed.  My N scale version features a folding auger which can be secured in either the folded or extended position.  This model has 76x50 flotation tires like the prototype, but I also have a the row-crop version with dual tires as well, and a set should be arriving from Shapeways later this week.  I may also design a third version which would feature tracks instead of tires, to round out the 3 options available from Kinze.

Overall I'm happy with how this model turned out.  There was a fair amount of cleaning to get the raw model ready for primer.  I shot a nice thick coat of white primer on one of the wagons tonight, before I snapped these photos.  The other wagon with the folded auger is not yet primed, but dry after the solvent bath.  A nice coat of blue paint, and some white stripes around the top, and this grain cart should be ready for work.  Now I just need to start working on that combine I was thinking about.

This is my first of likely many more farm implements to come.  This addiction to 3d printing is my strongest yet.  I have no idea how far this will go....


Here is a good illustration of how I designed the auger to be in either a folded or extended position.  The wagon on the left is unpainted, while the wagon on the right has been primed.  I designed the wagon as a base, separate auger, and separate tires, for easier painting and assembly.


  1. Love the grain cart. We use a Kinze 850.Who makes the 4wd John Deere?

    1. The Deere tractor is a 9620 made by Athearn. They are hard to find now days, but this along with their 7920 FWA tractor fill a nice void in modern N scale tractors.

  2. I agree..They make it hard on us mid-west modelers... lol

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