3D Printed Models

In early 2013, I discovered 3d printing, and have been designing N scale models that have never existed before in our scale.  It all started with the desire to have an accurate grain box which I had planned to mount onto a GHQ Peterbilt model.  Once I had the box designed, I didn't stop there, and designed the entire truck as well.

While my original intention was to design and create N scale models for my own personal use, I found out just how easy it was to create a public shop using a printing service called Shapeways.  They allow designers to make their files available to the public, print them on demand, and ship them to your door.

This new "addiction" of mine continues to evolve as I design more models, and learn more about this great technology.  I provide a lot of information about my models and ideas on finishing them throughout my blog.  I also provide lots of photos to show just how incredible these N scale models really are.

Check out my Shapeways Store, and get your own printed models, delivered to your door:  http://www.shapeways.com/shops/NScaleAddict


  1. I purchased The 379 and the spread axle livestock trailer they are well done

  2. Hi !
    I am from Argentina and I wander if I can print your design just with a regular FDM 3d printer and please, ca you tell me how you take off the layers on the sides of the model?
    Really I will thanks you for your help and congratulations for your works!
    Thanks in advanced.

  3. Any plans in the works for a COE model? Pete double bunk like the 1985 version as well as a KW? Excellent models. Thanks

    1. I have a KW 100 printing right now. Mid 80's version

  4. What kind of 3D printer do you use. I just recently learned that these exist and want to learn more and find a good printer. I'm also into N scale and would like to create more for the hobby.

  5. Hi let me start by saying that I am very big in N scale having invested over $17.000.00 in my n scale lay out. I have bought several of these N scale "1:160" peterbilt truck & trailer kits they are great the detail is right on if not spot on I am currently waiting for shapeways to build me 4 grain trailers 2 with the tarps open and 2 with the tarps covering the trailers these will be placed at my walthers cornerstone grain elevator walthers kit # 933-3225 this will simulate the day to day commerce of these places thanks for your time and interest in designing these models there is nothing else like them on the commercial market I will be ordering many more of these great kit's thanks matt

  6. Howdy all I just got one of my kenworth w900l's & Wilson 43' grain trailers completed I just love these n scale 3D printed models. Yeah they are intricate but that's n scale. When you paint and assemble one of these kits or a combo truck & trailer it's well worth the time to take care to paint them as you like and adding the tiny dabs of metallic amber paint for the clearance lights it just looks to cool as the detail on these models are extremely good. I got to looking at a part of my layout and thought that a peterbilt new & used truck dealership would look great in this area. I have had this idea for some time I had a friend of mine in texas print me some peterbilt, kenworth, westernstar, and freightliner water slide decals in N scale and duplicate in HO scale to see what looked better as far as a add on a billboard or the sign and lettering on the building now it's off to shapeways to order 5 more of the peterbilt 387's and 4 peterbilt 379's and a few kenworth's I have several concor cabover freightliner's I am thinking that one of these freightliner coe's would look good setting on the used lot giving the appearance of some one moving up in the world from a freightliner to a big O stretched out peterbilt. Believe me I know how that feels well that's all for now and thank you n scale addict for the very nice trucks and trailers take care all

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  8. what about freightliners?

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