Monday, November 4, 2013

It's the Little Things in Life - Shapeways Packages

I got home today to find a Shapeways box on my doorstep.  After a long eye roll from my wife, I quickly grabbed a knife and opened it like my kids open presents on Christmas morning.  Nothing out of the ordinary this time, but lots of stuff to replenish my ebay inventory, and some models for some friends.  Kinda silly, but I decided to take a few photos to illustrate the experience of receiving a Shapeways package if you have never ordered anything for yourself.

I must say that the quality of the raw prints in my last several orders is outstanding.  Shapeways has retooled some of their website experience, and I have also noticed a difference in how they QC an order before it goes to the printer.  I have had to tweak some things in my files for them from time to time, but overall, I can tell that their goal is to identify problems up front, and avoid some of the initial success but subsequent failure in filling orders.

I continue to use Bestine as my soaking agent.  I have moved away from the jar and now have a flatter plastic container for ease of lifting the models out of the bath.  As you can see from the photo, I just dropped these models into the bath tonight, and they were very clean raw models, with little waxy residue on them.  I think Shapeways is getting the hang of this.  Now if we can get some better pricing on their frosted ultra detail (FUD).

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