Monday, January 26, 2015

Who Needs a 53' Utility Reefer Trailer?

I was cleaning up some old files the other day and ran across this 53' reefer that I had started and then moved on to something else without finishing it.  I worked on it a couple hours today and thought I would take a look at a rendering.  It still needs some work, but it is getting close to completion.  I have 2 very nice prints of my UPS 28' pup trailer, so I know a box type model like this prints well, but it does get expensive due to the volume of material used.  However, I have opted to keep the walls on the thicker side to avoid warping, rather than go cheap on the overall print cost.

I'll post some updates as this project progresses.  I plan to use BLMA refrigerator units on these since they are already available as a separate detail.  The landing gear and fuel tank will be printed on a separate piece that can be added after the body is painted.  The sliding tandem axles will also be separately printed.

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