Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inspirations & Aspirations of Printed Models

First of all, my hard drive is dying a slow death, so while the new hardware is on the way, I am backing up a few remaining files, and getting ready for that exciting half a day of installing software, and setting up my PC the way I want it.  That said, this is a good reminder to all, that backing up files is never a bad idea.  I routinely back mine up, and thankful that I got sufficient warning versus a quick and irreversible shutdown.

I have mentioned here before that in addition to my full time career, I also help manage a 600 acre corn/soybean family farm.  We will begin harvest very soon, so between computer issues and many extra hours in the field, my time to work on N scale projects will be slim.  My Pete 387 will arrive on Tuesday via UPS, so I am very excited to see the results.  The Kenworth 900 will most likely wait until after harvest.

Enough babbling.  Now that I have this 3d design and printing initiative (addiction) consuming a good part of my life, I have looked at our Case IH 2577 through an N scale lens and have been more than once inspired to create my own 3d model.  A very similar inspiration led to the genesis of the 43' Wilson grain trailer.  It strays even further from model railroading than my current truck and trailer models, but it is still a major void in our scale that I am sure many N scalers would find a use for.  So as I am sitting in the seat over the next several weeks, I will begin thinking about what it might take to design one.  Lucky for me, I have my own model I can study and measure.  Anyone else interested in a red harvester?


  1. Yep I would be interested. It would look good next to the JD 7700 that I have. I'm getting a big wish list with all the trucks and trailers you've been creating. Excellent work on everything and I agree that the subjects your making are filling that N scale void.

    Brian in Denver

  2. Well I'm usually a john deere kind of guy but on our family farm we grow alfalfa hay, sugar beets, and burbank russet potatoes if you can't tell Idaho is my home state and on our farm my step dad has case so I am converting and I am in need of a good set of tractors in both case and john deere so I am very much intrested and though I haven't had the money to buy eny of the trucks due to the expense of school they are on my wish list all of them for my farm land areas I plan to modal Colorado Utah and Idaho so ranching and farming are going to be just as important as coal and natural gas on my layout so thank you for making this possible for the rest of us in this wonderful addiction we call n scale

    Judd in Utah

  3. Do you plan on dueing a grain head and corn head as a interchangeable part

    charles Tidd

  4. Not only would this look good the field, but it would also make for a great flatcar load.

  5. Every big vehicle will catch attention on any N scale layout. And if somebody won´t need a combine because he´s moddeling the desert or the high mountains, a combine will always be an eye catcher on a flatcar or on a low boy trailer.
    Greetings from germany